The Chancellors

released 1965
Sad Avenue
Girls do wonderful things for boys

The Unifics

released 1968
Court of Love
Dawn of a new day

True Reflection

released 1973
That's where I'm coming from
Helpless Man
That was yesterday
Look at all the lonely people
What I don't know
It really hurts
Dream Lover

Wings of Love

released 3-10-75
Sweet Gypsy Jane
Sweetness In The Dark
Up The Creek (Without a Paddle)
China Doll
Mary Ann
Dream World (Wings of Love)

House Party

released 11-4-75
Keep Holding On
It's Just a Matter of Time
You Can't Stop a Man in Love
World of You, Love, and Music
What You Need Most (I Do Best of All) Ways of a Grown-Up Man
Johnny Porter
Darling, Stand by Me (Song for My Woman)
If I Don't Love You This Way

The Temptations Do The Temptations

released 8-16-76
Why Can't You and Me Get Together
Who Are You (and What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life)
I'm On Fire (Body Song)
Put Your Trust in Me Baby

There's No Stoppin' (Till We Set the Whole World Rockin')
Let Me Count the Ways (I Love You)
Is There Anybody Else
I'll Take You In

Hear to Tempt You

released 11-10-77
Think for Yourself
In a Lifetime
Can We Come and Share in Love
She's All I've Got
Snake in the Grass
It's Time for Love
Let's Live in Peace
Read Between the Lines
I Could Never Stop Loving You

Bare Back

released 9-20-78
Mystic Woman (Love Me Over)
I Just Don't Know How to Let You Go
That's When You Need Love
Bare Back
Ever Ready Love
Wake Up to Me
You're So Easy to love
I See My Child
Touch Me Again


released 4-18-80
Struck by Lightning Twice
Isn't the Night Fantastic
How Can I Resist Your Love
Shadow of Your Love
Can't You See Sweet Thing
Go For It
I'm Coming Home

Give Love At Christmas

released 8-14-80
Give Love on Christmas Day
The Christmas Song
Love Comes with Christmas
The Little Drummer Boy
This Christmas
Everything for Christmas
Christmas Everyday
Silent Night

The Temptations

released 8-7-81
Aiming At Your Heart
Evil Woman (Gonna Take Your Love)
The Best Of Both Worlds
Ready, Willing, And Able
Open Their Eyes
Oh, What A Night
The Life Of A Cowboy
Just Ain't Havin' Fun
What Else
Your Lovin' is Magic


released 4-7-82
Standing on the Top
{Featuring Rick James}
You Better Beware
Lock It In The Pocket
I've Never Been To Me
More On The Inside
Money's Hard To Get
Like A Diamond In The Sky
Don't Hold It In

Surface Thrills

released 2-18-83
Surface Thrills
Love on My Mind Tonight
One Man Woman
Show Me Your Love
The Seeker
What A Way To Put It
Bringyourbodyhere (Exercise Chant)
Made in America

The Best of The Temptations Christmas

released 2001
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Silver Bells
Little Drummer Boy
Santa Claus is comin' to town
White Christmas
Let it Snow
The Christmas Song
This Christmas
Give Love on Christmas Day
Christmas Everyday
Silent Night
Oh Holy Night(previously unreleased)

SONGS IN BLUE are lead by Glenn Leonard

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