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The Temptations(1977)
(Glenn, Louis, Richard, Otis, & Melvin)

The Temptations (1977)
Glenn, Richard, Melvin, Otis, & Louis


The Temptations (1978)
Glenn, Louis, Otis, Melvin, & Richard

Advertisement for the "Bare Back" LP


The Temptations (1975)
Glenn, Richard, Otis, Louis, Melvin

Richard, Dennis, Glenn, Melvin, & Otis


The Temptations on "The Midnight Special" (1980)




Tempts rehearsal with Lon Fontaine (1980)


Melvin Franklin

Tempts on stage (1982)


Melvin Franklin (1982) Reunion Tour

Melvin Franklin and choreographer Lon Fontaine


Eddie Kendricks, Buckey(Tempts security), and David Ruffin 1982

Dennis Edwards, David Ruffin, and Melvin Franklin (1982)


Dennis, Eddie, Melvin, Otis, and David (backstage) 1982

Eddie (backstage) 1982


Eddie Kendricks (1982)

Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin (1982)


Melvin Franklin & Eddie Kendricks

1975 Tempts on cover of Ebony


Tempts on stage 1982

group shot with fans (1982) LA


On stage (1976)

Dennis (rehearsal 1980)


Glenn (rehearsal 1980)

Otis & Glenn (rehearsal 1980)


Tempts rehearsal with Lon Fontaine (1980)

Otis & Dennis (rehearsal 1980)


Glenn's birthday party (1975)

Glenn's birthday party (1975)
Dennis & Richard


Glenn's birthday party (1975)
Glenn and Darcel

Glenn's birthday party (1975)
Melvin, Glenn, Richard, Dennis


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